Wellness Coach and Women’s Fitness Specialist

  • Helps establish routines and healthy habits that are integrated into your lifestyle without food restrictions, eliminations, or guilt.
  • Specializes in women’s health and how to best optimize nutrition and exercise to ensure each clients needs are met safely and effectively.
  • Uses a holistic approach with each client in order to best customize exercise programs that are safe, effective and results driven.

Compassion, encouragement and direction!  Anna’s goal is to empower her clients to reach their wellness goals.  

She specializes in behavior change coaching, nutrition support, functional movement, stress management and lifestyle sustainability. Wellness can be defined as an individual’s personal journey toward their mental, physical, social and emotional betterment of life. As a Certified Wellness Coach, Anna can help foster growth and change in her clients with compassion, empathy and guidance. 

Anna has extensive knowledge in stress management techniques (breathing, mediation), sleep improvement, functional movement, and nutrition. She works with clients to help them create sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.

Anna is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist, Youth Exercise Specialist, Senior Exercise Specialist and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Her specialty is working with women looking to improve their wellness.  She loves helping her clients find their inner power and strength.

Together, she will help you create action plans, brainstorm solutions, and troubleshoot potential obstacles to your long-term success. Anna will help you find your “why” and work toward positive and lasting solutions.  

Anna also owns her own wellness and fitness company.

*Anna’s services focus solely on education and consultation, no medical healthcare services are provided. 

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