Ellie B.

Ellie B.

Clean Living Consultant

  • Offers education on harmful toxins and chemicals in your household, cleaning, and personal care products 
  • Recommends and will shop with you for clean living products
  • Provides guidance for creating a clean living space

In 2015, Ellie decided it was time to clean up her act. She was just learning that there are products that we use every single day with ingredients that are linked to human health issues. 

It was overwhelming! Where to start? Where to find more information? What do words like “natural”, “organic”, “clean”, “green” really *mean*? Which products will actually perform?

One of the first things she was told is that this is about progress not perfection. And she is so passionate about helping others do the same things for their families and empowering women with knowledge. Armed with information, we can all make better choices!

Ellie has never met a stranger and thrives on building meaningful connections with local women. She will work with you in your home to focus on “clean swap” solutions. 

Then it’s field trip time for you and her! Off to the store you’ll go to find those swaps and make your home safer for you and those you love. 

Fun facts: Ellie sold her small business to Mark Cuban in 2015 on Shark Tank. Ellie is also the lead singer for The Janeways, an all women rock cover band. 

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