Julia G., MA

Professional Organizer

  • Implements storage solutions and organizational systems
  • Helps you identify your organizational needs and goals to declutter and organize your spaces 
  • Develops customized organizational plans tailored to your lifestyle and equips you with techniques to maintain an organized space
  • Creates personalized filing systems for paperwork if needed, everything from important documents to your child’s keepsakes

Julia G. is a Professional Organizer who specializes in decluttering and organizing homes affordably. She brings a fresh perspective to your space and helps you identify what type of organizing system you need. By helping you recognize your family’s habits and lifestyle, Julia develops a customized organization system that’s easy for you to maintain after her work is complete. 

When it comes to decluttering, she helps you decide what’s important to keep and what you can happily say goodbye to.  Julia uses her knowledge of organizing products and her willingness to think outside the box to recommend and purchase products for your space that fall into your budget. Her motto is “Only keep what you love and use. Label it. Repeat.”

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