Kristen G., PA-C

Family Health and Wellness Consultant

  • Creates personalized meal plans and grocery lists tailored to your family’s health goals, dietary needs & preferences 
  • Coaches best practices for disease specific lifestyle for migraines, food allergies, diabetes, weight loss, PMS, etc. 
  • Provides grocery advice and pantry makeovers to support healthy eating, picky eaters, allergies, and dietary restrictions
  • Customizes individual fitness plans, virtually or in person

Kristen is a Physician Assistant, with expertise in Pediatrics, Family Medicine and Women’s Health. She also worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. Kristen’s knowledge of and passion for preventative medicine, health and wellness will guide your family on their wellness journey.  She specializes in customizing individualized family meal plans and/or fitness plans. Kristen also has Celiac Disease and other food allergies and is very knowledgeable when it comes to navigating life with food allergies. Kristen can help with pantry/fridge makeover suggestions and recommend an easy-to-use system for the whole family.  Kristen is a mom of 2 young girls and the owner of her own small business that makes healthy protein bars and protein bites to help other busy families.

*Kristen’s services focus solely on education and consultation; no medical healthcare services are provided. 

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