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Whitney L.

Aesthetic Home Refresher

Whether your home needs an aesthetic refresh or staged to sell, Whitney’s goal is to make your home beautiful while still feeling personal and functional for your everyday life. 

  • Reimagines your space, taking style preferences, functional needs, and budget into consideration 
  • Creates personalized design boards, tailored to your space featuring color schemes, furniture layout, and decorative elements
  • Will help source furnishings, accessories, and materials to bring your design to life 
  • Expands services outside residential- including professional, rental and 2nd homes

Julia G., MA.

Professional Organizer

Julia G. is a Professional Organizer who specializes in decluttering and organizing homes affordably. She brings a fresh perspective to your space and helps you identify what type of organizing system you need.

  • Implements storage solutions and organizational systems
  • Helps you identify your organizational needs and goals to declutter and organize your spaces 
  • Develops customized organizational plans tailored to your lifestyle and equips you with techniques to maintain an organized space
  • Creates personalized filing systems for paperwork if needed, everything from important documents to your child’s keepsakes

Courtney C.

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Courtney has her certification in baby and toddler sleep. She is passionate about guiding and supporting families through sleep struggles. Her goal is to help you and your little one get the sleep you both deserve.

  • Provides you with a customized sleep plan tailored to your child’s needs based on age, your philosophy on crying, your child’s temperament, and specific sleep struggles
  • Helps create healthy habits to eliminate unsafe sleep behaviors
  • Tackles bedtime battles and guides you in creating a successful bedtime routine
  • Guides you in establishing consistent nap schedules and overall positive household sleep schedules

Sarah W.

College Readiness Consultant

Are you and your student unsure how to navigate college admissions? Is your student athlete considering athletics in college? Let Sarah relieve the stress of not knowing, she will be your guide.

  • Helps navigate the college admission process, including application deadlines, scholarship searches, and financial aid options 
  • Focuses uniquely on the college admission process and scholarship options for athletes 
  • Assists in building a well-rounded college application portfolio, including compelling personal statements and essays
  • Guides families on course selection, standardized test prep (ACT, SAT), and academic enrichment

Kristen G., PA-C

Family Health and Wellness Consultant

Navigating health and wellness for yourself and your family is hard! Kristen can help you develop customizable, real-life action plans to improve your and your family’s diet and overall health. Meals & movement are key to you & your wellness! 

  • Creates personalized meal plans and grocery lists tailored to your family’s health goals, dietary needs & preferences 
  • Coaches best practices for disease specific lifestyle for migraines, food allergies, diabetes, weight loss, PMS, etc. 
  • Provides grocery advice and pantry makeovers to support healthy eating, picky eaters, allergies, and dietary restrictions
  • Customizes individual fitness plans, virtually or in person

Jessie H., M.A. CCC-SLP, CDP

Dementia Navigation Coach & Consultant

Jessie’s goal is to provide individualized consultations to families, care partners, and the community to improve the care of individuals with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

  •  Provides training, resources, and support for family members of loved ones living with memory loss and cognitive decline
  • Offers cognitive screening and cognitive wellness services, including development of your own cognitive wellness plan
  •  Educates on topics related to brain function, assistance navigating the healthcare system, and connects you with local support services
  • Presents at corporate trainings, speaking engagements, and product development consults- all aimed at dementia education


Wellness Coach and Functional Movement Specialist

Compassion, encouragement and direction!  Anna’s goal is to empower her clients to reach their wellness goals.  She specializes in behavior change coaching, nutrition support, functional movement, stress management and lifestyle sustainability.

  • Helps establish routines and healthy habits that are integrated into your lifestyle without food restrictions, eliminations, or guilt.
  • Specializes in women’s health and how to best optimize nutrition and exercise to ensure each clients needs are met safely and effectively.
  • Uses a holistic approach with each client in order to best customize exercise programs that are safe, effective and results driven.

Sandra B., Ph.D

Parenting & Lifestyle Educator

Sandra B., Ph.D, is an educator and board-certified clinical psychologist. Her area of expertise is helping families develop realistic and positive plans for managing the child with learning differences, coping with financial stress, and supporting teen and young adult children.

  • Understands Neurodiversity (what it is and isn’t) and focuses on the specific charms & challenges associated with this unique need 
  • Crafts resilience, effective communication and a home environment conducive to facing ND challenges.
  • Builds, identities & navigates positive strategies & resources for living with ND
  • Provides support to manage & improve the quality of life for ND caregivers

Rhoda N., PHR, SHRM-CP

Employment Readiness Consultant

Rhoda has over 13 years of experience placing people in the right roles and can help you. Let’s get you started on the career path you’ve always wanted!

  • Coaches, in person or virtually,  to ensure your resume is tailored, polished, and effectively highlights skills and experience
  • Conducts career conversations focused on your goals, interests, strengths, and values to move you toward your preferred career path
  • Offers guidance on job search techniques, networking strategies, and professional branding, e.g. LinkedIn 
  • Teaches interview techniques by practicing mock interviews and providing constructive feedback

Kristie G.

Strategic Leadership Consultant

Kristie brings 20+ years of professional work experience, including over 10 years of Volunteer Leadership, and brings instrumental organizational, management, and crisis management resolution expertise to non-profit and for-profit organizations.

  • Identifies and plans effective responses for various crisis management, threats, and disruptions and executes multiple contingency plans
  • Plans leadership and legacy volunteer and growth for your board
  • Trains for effective recruiting tactics for both volunteer and board positions
  • Targets essential fundraising and endowment allocation strategies

Ellie B.

Clean Living Consultant

Ellie is an expert at “clean swap” solutions.  She’s done the hard
work to find swaps for everyday products, that are safer for you and
those you love. She’s passionate about empowering women with knowledge. Armed with information, we can all make better choices!

  • Offers education on harmful toxins and chemicals in your household, cleaning, and personal care products 
  • Recommends and will shop with you for clean living products
  • Provides guidance for creating a clean living space

Kathy B.

Communications Expert

Communications, Insomnia Mom | Kathy specializes in small business, not-for-profit and group communications and media. She’ll work with you to create your digital and print communications strategy.

  • Creates digital and print communication strategies tailored to your objectives and target audience 
  • Consults and manages on website content strategy and email marketing.
  • Offers organic social media consulting, creation, and management along with market analysis to engage and grow your online community 
  • Creates content calendars and graphics for digital communications platforms, and designs print media that includes business cards, brochures, flyers and stickers.

Sarah B.

Organized Life Facilitator

Resource Director, Insomnia Mom | Sarah will use her experience to help you define objectives, find strategies, get organized, and alleviate stress so you can get back to being you.

Vikki D.

Entrepreneurial Advisor

Founder, Insomnia Mom | Vikki offers small business consulting & think-tank sessions to entrepreneurs who need guidance on how to operate and grow a business. Where should you start? What is your passion? Let’s talk.

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