The Charms and Challenges of Neurodiversity in the Family

Annual Subscription Service

Let’s make this your best year ever!

Annual Subscription Service –  $129 includes access to all the following:

Video Series

Video 1 – New Year’s Real-Solutions  available 2/4/24

Review how and where to put your parenting energy

Video 2 FABulous PossiBilitieS – available 4/4/24

family focus on positive behavior supports

Video 3 – Your Happy ND Holidays – available 10/4/24

Zoom events

ND Road Trip:  interactive Zoom sessions

Join Sandy B., Andrea and other parents with ND families for information and support. (Zoom link will be sent)

Monday, 6 pm, February, 2/5/24Detour Ahead:  – Dealing with ND and the unexpected

Monday, 6pm, March, 3/4/24Are we there yet?? – Setting goals and the ND timeline

                              Monday, 6pm, May, 5/6/24 – Breakdowns & Repairs – Managing ND behaviors & moods

In-person meetings – Tea with Dr. B.

Supportive chats in-person at CoHatch

Wednesday, 10am, February 21, 2024

Wednesday, 10am, May 22, 2024

Wednesday, 10am, September 18, 2024

Facebook group access

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