Sandra B., Ph.D

Parenting & Lifestyle Educator

  • Understands Neurodiversity (what it is and isn’t) and focuses on the specific charms & challenges associated with this unique need 
  • Crafts resilience, effective communication and a home environment conducive to facing ND challenges.
  • Builds, identities & navigates positive strategies & resources for living with ND
  • Provides support to manage & improve the quality of life for ND caregivers

Sandra, Ph.D., is dedicated to providing today’s families with the strategies and support needed for 21st century parenting and lifestyles. She is an educator and board-certified clinical psychologist. Her area of expertise is helping families develop realistic and positive plans for managing the child with learning differences, coping with financial stress, and supporting teen and young adult children. She also addresses today’s family’s issues including work-life balance, caregiver stress, and stage of life transitions. Sandra‚Äôs services focus solely on education and consultation; no mental health care services are provided.

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