Sarah W. 

College Readiness Consultant

  • Helps navigate the college admission process, including application deadlines, scholarship searches, and financial aid options 
  • Focuses uniquely on the college admission process and scholarship options for athletes 
  • Assists in building a well-rounded college application portfolio, including compelling personal statements and essays
  • Guides families on course selection, standardized test prep (ACT, SAT), and academic enrichment

Are you and your student unsure how to navigate college admissions? Sarah’s 28 years of experience in education and 13 years as a guidance counselor will help guide you through the process of applications, scholarships, and financial aid. Is your student athlete considering athletics in college? Sarah will relieve the stress of not knowing and be your guide. Sarah’s knowledge of athletic admissions will help you navigate the recruitment process, show you the benefits and flaws of all levels of collegiate athletics, as well as help you generate the right questions to ask your athlete’s coaches. Let Sarah help the process work for you and your student.

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