Tech Neck: Solutions for Alleviating the Symptoms of Screens and Sitting

Presented by Anna S., Wellness Coach and Functional Movement Specialist

Does your neck feel sore, painful, or stiff, and you struggle with posture problems?

Research suggests that prolonged use of handheld devices can lead to poor posture, with the average adult spending 2-4 hours a day with their head tilted over a smartphone or other electronic device. The result is what is known as Tech neck, or Text neck.

Your head is heavy, and your neck muscles are designed to hold it upright. Tilting your head down while working at a computer or scrolling through your phone strains your neck muscles.

Don’t let tech-related discomfort hold you back! Join Anna to learn posture-improving exercises, ergonomic adjustments, and lifestyle changes to alleviate tension and enhance overall well-being.
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March 13, 2024

7:00 – 8:00pm

@COhatch Zionsville – 75 N Main St, 46077

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